Project Funding

TEN funding enables our customers to implement all promising projects in a budget-neutral way.

TEN’s project funding options unlock the full cost savings and strategic potential of identified energy efficiency projects.
TEN’s funding options are straightforward and effective, helping customers overcome first-cost barriers to implementing efficiency projects.
TEN’s differentiating expertise: matching each customer with a customized financing vehicle that unlocks the full cost savings and strategic potential of identified efficiency projects.


Install upgraded modern equipment without requiring upfront capital. A portion of the resulting savings wholly supports debt service; budget-neutral.

  • Low-cost project debt supports installation of most-modern equipment
  • TEN offers energy reduction guarantees
  • Customer retains ownership of equipment and 100% of future savings at the end of the contract
  • Funding can be for bundled projects (all at one time) or phased projects (over time)

PACE (Property-Assessed Clean Energy)

PACE financing programs use a variety of funds (e.g., government bonds, private capital, bank financing) to provide 100% financing for qualified projects in states / regions with active PACE programs.

All types of energy efficiency projects implemented by TEN qualify for available PACE funding – an assessment added to the property’s tax bill that stays with the building upon sale.

PACE is a great option for taxable property owners of commercial buildings, hotels, nursing homes, assisted living and shopping centers.

PACE requires an experienced energy services firm (like TEN) to coordinate PACE-qualifying technical and financial project components.


TEN specifies high-efficiency lighting and other facility improvements that save thousands of dollars a year in energy savings while modernizing customer facilities.

Customers enter into new energy supply agreements, locking in multi-year savings. Savings for the initial years pay for all project costs.

Customers own the installed high-efficiency equipment and 100% of generated utility savings once the initial commodity contract expires.